In 2017 the EU reported 225,000 tonnes of small batteries disposed of in Europe alone. With sales of eleven billion cells per year (25% being coin-cells) this makes five cells per person per year or 2.6 billion coin-cells to be "recycled".

Their report states a mere five-percent are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

What if we could remove a whole class of batteries from the consumer market world-wide?

SimoNZ.comHere at Ltd we have developed the environmental energy-harvester technology to do so.

Unfortunately this is not just a case of remove the battery then insert your harvester - a more integrated approach needs to be taken and we can help you to successfully scavenge environmental energy to create an "always available" application for the "forever" product - no batteries, no wires!

As New Zealand's first Fabless ASIC Design House,'s focus is on developing the key enabling technology for Environmental Energy Harvesting applications.  We are migrating patent-pending designs onto silicon to improve performance and lower costs to create a range of Application Specific Standard Products to initially support the very low power Energy Harvesting market sector.
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